Sunday, January 6, 2013

Special Foster - Fluffy Bella

Needless to say...Tater Tot didn't stay with us very long and was snatched up by a wonderful home in Austin where his new job is being a BFF to his new mistress!!

WE 20121207-36
Although we miss Tater Tot we are so happy that he has found his furr-ever home!!!


The week before Christmas brought Fluffy Bella, who is a wonderful, loving 1-2 yr old female Westie mix. She will sit next to my husband and I for as long as she can, a definite snuggle-bug!

She came to us with what we thought was an urinary tract infection. It seemed that she had to urinate every 5 minutes when, in fact, most of these potty trips were in vain as she strained and whimpered with no success in getting the urine out.

We assumed that this was going to need further attention and  after a trip to the vet we found our that she actually had 2 bladder stones over an inch big each! This little girl is only 10 pounds, so you can imagine how these stones must have interfered with her potty breaks!!

Although it was a very expensive operation, Austin Dog Alliance is committed to doing whatever is necessary to keep their fosters healthy and last Thursday we took Fluffy Bella to have the procedure done (at Austin Dog Alliance's expense) and today she is a totally different little girl!

She is back to an ordinary potty routine after only 2 days!! Bella spent last night curled up in her crate with no accidents and a report of a long interrupted stream of urine outside this morning!! What a special and lucky little girl!! We are sure she will be placed in her furr-ever home in no time!!

Needless to say Bella owes her comfort, and maybe her life expectancy to Austin Dog Alliance and we want to do our best to "paw it forward".  A "Chip In" has been set up to help reimburse some of the cost Fluffy Bella's operation, along with the funds required to help vet a litter of pups that were taken in by ADA from a retiring breeder.

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Please find it in your heart and wallet to donate anything, Fluffy Bella, the foster pups, along with the Austin Dog Alliance are so very thankful.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Meet Mr. Tater Tot!!!

First...I was neglectful and didn't post about Miss Annie getting adopted!! She got adopted to a great family in Austin and now has a human brother and sister who play with her!!!

Now...please meet Mr. Tater Tot who is just the cutest little sweet 'tater in the land!!

WE 20121207-16
Hi!! I am Tater Tot....but you can call me Tater, or Tot, or Sweet Potater or even Mashed Potater. I will trot over to almost anything that my Foster Mama B and Daddy E call me!

WE 20121207-14
I is a 8 pound Terrier, Shi Tzu mix and I is about 4 months old. I just love to snuggle with my foster parents when they watch TV or sit and chew on my toy or bone while they are playing on the 'pooter.

 WE 20121207-23
I also love playing outside! Mama B says don't worry..I have big brown eyes under all my face  furries!

 WE 20121207-36
 I just love doing my morning "doga" and meditations!

WE 20121207-73
 ...and I just LOVE playing with my foster bro Arty! I gets along really good with Arty and my other foster bros and sis!! Mama B says I am doing well on my potty training and will be totally trained in no time!! I likes to go nitey nite in my crate and I stay there when Mama B or Daddy E need to go somewhere....although I don't know WHY they would want somewhere without me... :-)

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Introducing Miss Annie!!

DYB-FWF Candids-20121025-7
Hi, I am Annie!!! Dory and her pack (plus Mama B and Daddy E) are letting me stay with 
them until I find a furrever home! 

DYB-FWF Candids-20121025-3
I is an 8 month old terrier mix...I kinda liik like a giant yorkie...or a 
widdle wired hair terrier. Mostly I am a fun girl who likes to snuggle!

DYB-FWF Candids-20121025-13
I love to take time to smell the flowers and appreciate quiet times. I go into my crate all by myself when I get tired and even when Mama B. puts me in my crate when she has to go to class I can lay quietly or take a nap!

DYB-FWF Candids-20121025-27
I also like to PLAY and can be found by the "toy box" looking for the perfect toy or

DYB-FWF Candids-20121025-5
Playing ball-ey in the backyard or....

DYB-FWF Candids-20121025-6-2
Just playing zoomies with my foster brothers and Dory!!! I love other doggies, but play well by myself too!

DYB-FWF Candids-20121025-8
Believe it or not I am actually a little shy when you first meet me, but 
quickly open up and give kisses and hugs! I would love to be an addition to your family

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Banjo Finds a Home!!

I is pleased to announce I has found a home to call my own!! The good thing is, it is the same home I have been in!!! I let Mama B and Daddy E along with Dory, Jakey and Bilbo (whether he wants to or not) that I wanted them to be my furr-ever family last Friday and guess what...THEY AGREED!!!!

So, even tho they make me wear this stoopid cone of shame, I am calling them Mama and Daddy, and you can now follow my antics over at my sissy Dory's bloggie Dory's Backyard here  or click on the banner up there on the right side place to visit us there! Mama says we will have to wait until I is outta this silly cone, probly another couple a weeks.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meet Banjo!!


Hi efurrypuppy my name is Banjo!  Mama B and Daddy E are taking care of me until I find my furr-ever paw-rents!


I am just a little guy and weigh about 9 pounds,  and will probably only weigh 15-20 pounds when I am growed up.

I have lots of fluffy hair and just love when I can sit on Mama B's lap and get brushed!! My foster brothers and sister think this is WEIRD...cause they don't like that brush. I just love getting loved on tho and the brush feels so good when I have itchies!

I am about 4 months old, and Mama B says I am ROCKING my potty training!! I am not afraid of anything, just love other doggies and am still young enough to learn to like kitties...I am a little doggie with a bit "pup"itude, and am used to having my own I should probably have a home with older human pups (like over 10) cause I am so small and don't like getting pokey-ed or pull-ed.


I just love sneeking up on can hardly see me, right???
Now watch this.....

I'm gonna GET you buggie!!!

I know, it's like I can fly right???


You can go fill out an application at
www.Austin Dog 
 and maybe you can be my furr-ever home!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bandit Finds his Furr-ever Home!!

I am happy to say that I have finded my furr-ever home is how it happened!

Bandit Furrever Home-3-2 

Mama  B. had a talk with me last night saying there were 2 nice girls who were REALLY excited to meet me. She said if we all liked each other that I could pick them as my furr-ever peoples. That was something that I really has to think about...

Bandit Furrever Home-8
Then this afternoon, Mama B said we were going on an adventure! I was a little scared cause we had to go for a ride in the big white  (Xterra) whale, and went to a BIG BIG park!! There were lots of other puppy dogs with their furr-ever parents. maybe that was just a little scary too.

Bandit Furrever Home-4-2
This made me wonder what I wanted in my furr-ever peeps.....
The most important thing I could think of was that I wanted somewhere where my peoples loved me lots and kept me safe! Of course, lots of toys and bones would be nice too!!

Bandit Furrever Home-2-2 that them Mama B??? 
Two very pretty girls were walking toward me saying my name. They made puppy noises and called me over. I was a little shy at first cause I didn't want Mama B to think that I was abandoning her. Then Mama B said that I should take the girls over on the grass to play with them for awhile.

Well, let me tell you, they were FUN!! 
They brought a BALL to play, and I made new puppy friends with and even had a brand-y new collar and leash for me!! Needless to say, I was running around meeting new puppies and wagging my tail in no time!!

So...let me introduce you to my new mommies 

Mama K and Mama A!!
Bandit Finds His New Mommies!

  Aren't they beautiful!!!??????

I just know that I am picking the best furr-ever Mommies EVER!!

Mama B filled them in on all the things I like and my routine and then it was time for me to go to my new home! Mama B gave me kisses, and told me to be a good boy and then I was on my way....

Thanks to Austin Dog Alliance for helping me fine the bestest home in Austin!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

I am starring in my own movie!! This is me, playing with ball-ey with my foster brother Jakey!! 

You can also click here to go to the YouTube link!